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Welcome to Dream Kindergarten. Together we will learn about our dreams and how to interpret them. Now I call this Dream Kindergarten not because the study of dreams is silly, foolish or childish. On the contrary, the successful study of dreams is often a very complex and difficult task, and in some cases even requires divine intervention to do it right.

Dreams are usually very difficult to understand, and the task is made all the harder because our American culture does not esteem them as being of value. In America we treat our dreams as just "sleep junk mail," something to be tossed into the mental waste basket the moment we wake up.So the reason we are in Dream Kindergarten is because we must first acknowledge that we are in the most primitive and basic stages to understanding and interpreting our dreams. We are at Ground Zero. There is nothing simple or childish about the information you are going to read in this little booklet, however. What you will find within these pages is a strong, solid foundation for dream interpretation which is thoroughly anchored in the Bible and also includes the very best advice of several professionals who have made the study of dreams their life work.

It is not the principles of dream interpretation that are hard; it is the application. As you learn to apply the principles and skills presented in this booklet, you will begin having success in understanding the messages of some of your dreams. However, there will be many dreams that will remain dark, mysterious and unfathomable, and we'll explain the reasons for this.Over time, if you choose to advance through the various grades and levels of Dream School, even these hard dreams will unlock their secrets. But for now, prepare yourself for a challenging and awarding adventure as we grab up our spiritual lanterns, and like Spelunkers, go exploring for riches in the deep caves of our own mysterious hearts!





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