Dream Kindergarten

Smart People Take Dreams Seriously

Our American culture does not value dreams. For the most part they are considered to be a play-ground for the foolish. But the Bible takes a different position, for it is full of stories of really smart people who paid attention to their dreams:

Abimelech was President of his nation. Genesis 20:1-6
Pharoah was President of Egypt. Genesis 41:1
Joseph was Vice President of Egypt. Genesis 41:39-43
Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. I Kings 3:5-15 & 4:29-34
Daniel was ten times smarter than everyone else. Daniel 1:17-20
Nebuchadnezzar was President of Babylon. Daniel 2:1
The Three Wise Men were Rhodes Scholars. Matthew 2:11,12
Paul was a college graduate and theological genius.
Acts 22.3 & 16:9, 10

Dreams today are just considered to be mystical nonsense, but as Scripture so plainly reveals, it wasn't always so. In Bible times it was the brightest and the best in the land who took their dreams seriously, worthy of their efforts and attention. And because they did so, whole nations were spared from great disasters. Dreams have been neglected now for hundreds of years, but once more a few people are beginning to wake up to their great value, which is good, since God has prophesied that there will soon be a great outpouring of divine and holy dreams. Acts 2:17 Just remember that when God does something, Satan will always be there to oppose it, so don't be surprised if people consider you foolish and unstable when you sign up for "Dream Kindergarten."

When those criticisms and mockings come, just remember that in God's kingdom, it is the smartest of the smart who spent time with dreams! Don't worry about what Satan is saying through his servants about your study of dreams. The Devil's opposition is always a good sign that you are on the right track!





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