Dream Kindergarten

Prepare for Bad News

One thing has become very clear to me about dreams, and that is they are mostly bad news. An examination of Bible dreams reveal this truth:

Abimelech was warned against having sex with Sarah.  Genesis 20:6
The Egyptian Baker was told he was going to die.  Genesis 40:16-19
The Midianite soldier was told his side was going to lose.  Judges 7:10-13
Nebuchadnezzar was warned he was going to go insane.  Daniel 4:24-27
Joseph was warned of a death threat against his family.  Matthew 2:13
The Three Wise Men were warned of Herod's treachery.  Matthew 2.12
Pilate was warned not to harm Jesus.
 Matthew 27:19

Of course not all dreams are bad news: a wine steward received good news that he was going to be released from prison, Genesis 40:9-13 and Joseph was told he would be greatly honored. Genesis 37:5-9 However, even in Joseph's case, his good dream did not materialize until many years later, and only after first passing through some terrible tragedies. If you are going to take dream interpretation seriously, then be prepared for bad news. Dreams are not some sort of "sleep television," come to entertain us while we sleep. God has more serious purposes than that, for His desire is to shape us into the image of His Son, Colossians 3:1-17 and that means delivering us from our own sinful tendencies which lead to our eventual harm and destruction.

And that is why dreams are mostly warnings- it is God protecting us from ourselves.





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