Dream Kindergarten

Learn to Love the Truth

The hardest thing about dream interpretation is learning to love the Truth. We have earlier demonstrated that most dreams are warnings, designed to stop us from self-destructive patterns. Here is what the dream expert Herman Riffel says about this role of dreams in our lives:

"The dream gives us messages our minds cannot or will not receive. It may be that the mind simply cannot comprehend the things God wants to say to us. Or maybe there are barriers of prejudice that do not allow the mind to accept the truth that God wants to reveal, so He shows these things through dreams." Learning to Hear God's Voice, p. 57 (c. 1986 Fleming H. Revell Co.)

As sin-damaged human beings, we all have very good "Blame Mechanisms." The trouble we get ourselves into is never OUR fault; it's always someone else's! Sadly, we have learned this lesson well from our forefather Adam. Genesis 3:8-12 If you are going to properly understand your dreams, then you will have to learn to face your own "nakedness." Your dreams will almost always be about what YOU are doing wrong; where YOU need to improve, and not about someone else.

It can be hard to face the truth of our own nakedness, but fortunately we have a gracious God who is eager to cover over our open shame, Genesis 3:21 and who freely and gladly forgives us our sins. 1 John 1:9 Therefore, before you embark on your Dream Work, you must first strengthen yourself in the Loving Lord, finding courage to face the sins, failings and weaknesses in yourself through a reliance and trust in His great mercy, love, and compassion. 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

Remember, Dream Truth is your friend! God's promise is this: If you will at least admit the truth of your own sinful failures, God will stop any judgments your sins would have brought, and immediately you will receive "Times of Refreshing." Acts 3:19,20 And that's good news!





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