Dream Kindergarten

Dream Rewards

There is no joy in bad news, but there certainly is joy in escaping disaster, and that is one of the highest functions of dreaming: to warn you of potential dangers and give you an opportunity to escape serious trouble. This one benefit from dreams should be more than enough incentive to cause us to pursue the necessary wisdom to interpret them correctly. Dreams can be hard to understand, decipher and correctly interpret, but the rewards the Bible promises are very big for those who will take the time and effort. In fact, we are given two examples of men in the Bible who took dreams seriously, and because they did so, they received great riches, fame and honor.

Because Joseph had the skill of interpreting dreams, he not only escaped a bleak future in prison, but he also was promoted to the exalted and important position of Vice President of Egypt, and as a result, he received the gifts of wealth, fame, destiny and honor. Because of Joseph's divine insight into Pharaoh's dream warning, great disaster was averted for two nations, Egypt and Israel. And all because he correctly interpreted only three dreams! Genesis 41:9-40

Daniel also had the gift of dream interpretation, and because of his dream skills, he went from being a lowly, despised exile in Babylon to becoming one of it's most powerful leaders. Like Joseph, Daniel was richly rewarded for his dream abilities. Daniel 2:36-49

Yes, dream interpretation can be long and difficult work, but it is worthy of our efforts, and I am convinced that God has given us the examples of both Joseph and Daniel as proof that there are great rewards to be gained from spending time with our dreams. Of course we can't all expect to become "Vice President" of our nation just because we figure out a dream or two, but any time we escape harm because we took our dream warnings seriously is always a great benefit! Like Daniel and Joseph, paying attention to our dreams can help us fulfill our destinies!





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