Dream Kindergarten

Go Slow

When I first began to take my dreams seriously about six years ago, I poured everything I had into it. After all, if God was speaking to me in my dreams, then I wanted to hang on every word. And so I faithfully wrote out every single dream I had, including every little detail. This soon proved to be an overwhelming experience, since I would often have anywhere from two to four dreams a night, and some were so long and intricate, it would take me a half hour to write one out! The following day I would carefully type them, pray over them and meditating on the symbols, trying to decipher God's secret code.

After two intense years of that, I got burned out on dream work. I was making myself tired from all the midnight interruptions, and I was gaining precious little insight into what my dreams were trying to communicate. And so from personal experience I say to you and your dream work, learn to go slow. For most of us, this is a whole new science that demands a whole new set of skills and fresh ways of looking at things. We are just like the archaeologists who first uncovered the Egyptian tombs buried beneath the sands of the centuries. It was a magnificent discovery when they first gazed upon the ancient hieroglyphics carved into the stone walls, and they were rich with meaning, but it took teams of scholars many years to fathom the correct reading of the pictographs.

So go slow. Take your time. Don't bum yourself out. And remember this encouraging proverb: "All hard work brings a profit," Proverbs 14:23 As you do the hard work of dream interpretation, you will slowly and steadily receive the profit of wisdom guidance and understanding. In time, with study, diligence, analysis and patience, your dreams will yield up their special secrets, just as the Egyptian language of pictorial symbols yielded up theirs.





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