Dream Kindergarten

Work With Only A Few Dreams

Since this is "Dream Kindergarten," we don't have "big assignments" like they do in "Dream College." So relax, and learn to enjoy your dreams. Just spend time on those that seem easy to understand. As serious Christians who want to be pleasing to God, it is easy to go overboard once we become convinced that God really is communicating through dreams. If you are anything like me, I was eager to hear "every word that proceeds from the mouth of God," so I zealously recorded every dream I had those first three years, and as a result, I got thoroughly discouraged and burned out.

So here is some good news. Even though our Bible Heroes paid close attention to their dreams and gained great wisdom and counsel from their hidden messages, it is also evident that many of their dreams did not have great significance. For example, we know that Joseph was very skillful in dream interpretation and he gained huge rewards from his skill, but we only see TWO of his dreams recorded in Scripture! The dream scientists of our age have demonstrated that the average person has about three dreams a night, which means that since Joseph lived to be 110 years old, even a conservative estimate of one dream a night would mean he had around 30,000 dreams! And yet Scripture only records TWO as being of special value.

Since Joseph was known for his skill in interpreting dreams, and since he lived in a culture that took dreams seriously, I am confident that he probably gained regular insight from his dreams throughout his life, but the point we gain from the Bible is that it isn't necessary for us to be obsessed with all our dreams. God IS speaking to us through dreams, and He is even repeating the most important messages, so here in Dream Kindergarten it's OK to spend time with just a few of our most significant and easy to understand dreams. The rest can come later.





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