Dream Kindergarten

Short Dreams Can Have Big Meaning

Here's some good news concerning dream work: Short dreams can have big meaning! As Daniel discovered, big dreams can prove to be very complicated in trying to unravel the significance of each and every symbol as they relate to one another. Daniel 8:26,27 I can testify from personal experience that my most discouraging dream work has been with my long, complex dreams full of intricate little symbols. I have spent hours with these dreams, coming away only with the bare essentials of what they all meant.

Fortunately for all of us, we have many good examples from Scripture of some really short dreams that contained very important messages that could be understood without too much effort. For example, Joseph's short dream of wheat stalks bowing down to him was pretty obvious, Genesis 37:5-7 and Pharaoh's two dreams of a coming famine were only a couple sentences long, Genesis 41:1-7 The night warning Jesus' stepfather received was also quite short and to the point. Matthew 2:13

Want to understand your dreams but don't have the time? Then how about starting with your short ones? The evidence is pretty strong that God has some big rewards hidden in them just for you!





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