Dream Kindergarten

Don't Make Drastic Decisions

One of the biggest mistakes people make when interpreting their dreams is to take them literally, which leads them to make drastic decisions that often lead to disastrous results. This good advice comes to us from a professional dream interpreter, Benny Thomas:

"Several years ago I taught on dreams in a church in Texas. That very night a young man in the congregation dreamed he was going to California. The morning after he had the dream he packed his bags and went! I never found out if he missed God or not. My experience tells me that he had a good opportunity to miss God because he moved with such haste.

When a young Christian discovers a new truth, his zeal can cause him to act prematurely. These uninformed believers don't understand that God has a speed limit. In the same way that a motorist finds signs to direct him as he drives, an alert believer will find that God places signs in his path for spiritual direction. God gives warning signs, direction signs, stop signs, and even speed limit signs.

Many times in my ministry God has told me to slow down; at other times He encouraged me to move faster. As you begin to act on the guidance received from God in dreams -- or in any other ways that's new to you -- remember the speed limit. Move slowly, especially when following guidance received from dreams." Exploring the World of Dreams, p. 56 (c. 1990 Whitaker House)

Yes, it is true that sometimes dreams yell out for us to make drastic choices, such as Abimelech’s dream that warned of horrible consequences if he touched Sarah. Genesis 20:3 But remember, you are in Dream Kindergarten! God does not expect you to have the same keen discernment about dreams that the Bible heroes did. We'll talk more about this later, but for now, keep in mind that people have gotten into even worse messes by taking their dreams too literally, and thereby made wrong choices. If you remember that dreams are symbolic, you'll do just fine.





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