Dream Kindergarten

The Symbols Will Fit Together

Dreams can be maddeningly difficult to understand, especially if they are long, complex and full of strange imagery. If you try and approach such a dream logically, the result will be to twist yourself into mental knots, because the bizarreness of the dream will prove to be a frustrating barrier to your waking brain's desire to make everything neat, clean and logical. On the other hand, the weirdness of dream juxtapositions and the frequent examples of illogical scene shifts are often the very key to unraveling the dream's message. For example, Daniel saw a terrifying beast that had a talking horn. Daniel 7:7,8 That certainly doesn't make sense on a rational level, until you hear that the beast represents a kingdom, and the horn symbolizes its king. Daniel 7:23-25

Since dream symbols will be consistent to the dream's message, the very strangeness of the imagery will prevent you from going the wrong direction. If the interpretation is correct, then everything will fit together perfectly. When Daniel dreamed of the four strange beasts, Daniel 7:1-14 it didn't make any sense, especially with the unusual scene shift from the four animals to a heavenly courtroom. But in truth, once we recognize that the four animals are kingdoms, and the courtroom scene is God's judgment on their wickedness, it all makes perfect sense. Daniel 7:15-27

So remember that once you begin to form an interpretation to your dream, make sure everything fits; even the strange things. Don't ignore those unusual elements or shifts in scene or perspective; they are there precisely to ensure you stay on track. If your dream interpretation is correct, then everything will fit together to make a coherent whole.





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