Dream Kindergarten

Consider Your Circumstances

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to correct dream interpretation is properly identifying what the symbols mean. If you get the symbols right, then the dream meaning will click right into place, but if you get them wrong, you will end up on a wild goose chase.

We have already mentioned the importance of prayer in gaining God's help in discerning the names of the dream symbols, and we have identified the helpfulness of considering the dream context to unlock a dream's meaning. A third thing that will cause the symbols to reveal themselves is to compare the dream to your present circumstances. When the Midianite soldier dreamt of a loaf of bread tumbling into his camp and knocking over a tent, he compared his dream to his present circumstances, and it wasn't too difficult to conclude that the loaf of Bread was a symbol for their enemy Gideon, since the dream setting of being in an army camp matched his present reality. Judges 7:9-15

By contrast, when Joseph compared his dream of his family bowing down to him to his present circumstances, ft was quite obvious it would be for a future time, for the attitude of his brothers towards him then was despicable hatred and utter contempt! Genesis 37:5-8

As I have read through the books of the dream professionals, it has been their strong testimony that more often than not, dreams will be about your current circumstances. Dreams are mostly about present issues m your life, trying to give you wisdom, insight and truth into the struggles you are facing today. Therefore, a good way to decipher your dream symbols is to compare them to your present situation, and see if there is any tension, conflict or unresolved issues that you need help with. You will often find that as you first identify what a current struggle is in your life, and then try to compare your dream symbols to that conflict, suddenly the symbols will begin to make sense.





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