Dream Kindergarten

The Dream Interview

I have mentioned earlier the name of Dr. Gayle Delaney, who is a dream professional. She has written an excellent book called Breakthrough Dreaming (c. 1991 Bantam Book). In addition to being a writer and teacher, she is also a Dream Counselor, helping people identify inner conflicts and unresolved issues through assisting them in deciphering the important messages of their dreams.

After years of successful practice, Dr. Gayle Delaney has discovered a very effective technique for conducting a Dream Interview. As the dreamer sits in her office, she has them go through a prescribed process, which is as follows: First, the dreamer is asked to tell their dream, including all of its details. Then the dream is broken into five sections, which are: settings, people, objects, feelings and action. Each part is talked about in a detailed, step-by-step fashion, inviting the dreamer to be the one to provide the meaning to each symbol. Dr. Delaney's premise, to which I heartily agree, is that the symbols are best understood by what the dreamer thinks or feels about dream rather than what the Dream Interpreter thinks the symbol should mean.

As each of the five sections of the dream are discussed, Dr. Delaney then takes each piece, and invites the dreamer to make a connection to their real world, trying to find the real-life issue that the dream is pointing to. As each detailed piece is held up to the person's life, the answer becomes apparent to all when all the pieces begin to fall in place.

If only a few dream pieces fit the overall pattern, then they know the interpretive premise they started with is incorrect, so they look for a different application. The dream is shown to be correctly interpreted when both she and the dreamer are satisfied that all parts of the dream fit together as a unified whole, and they all point to some current issue in the person's life.





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