Dream Kindergarten

Four Ways to Test The Interpretation

Once you have analyzed a dream and are reasonably comfortable that you have arrived at the correct conclusion, dream professional Herman Riffel suggests these four spiritual tests to confirm the meaning of the dream:

"When an interpretation comes, test it four ways to be sure of its accuracy;

(a) Go directly to God in prayer for confirmation, remembering that God speaks to us in different ways, dreams being only one of them.

(b) Check Scripture, since God doesn't contradict Himself by saying one thing in the Bible and the opposite in a dream.

(c) Seek confirmation from trusted friends and associates.

(d) Heed the feeling you have in your spirit about the interpretation. Even if you don't like the message, the truth of it will usually plant itself in your heart." Your Dreams: God's Neglected Gift (c. 1981 Chosen Books)

As a side note to this excellent advice, I have gotten good results after having a dream by asking God to give me a Bible verse that would summarize the dream. I have been very surprised at how succinctly a verse will be given to me. In one instance the Holy Spirit responded with the single word "cockatrice," which after looking it up in my concordance, pointed to this verse:

"They hatch cockatrice's eggs, and weave the spider's web: he that eats of their eggs dies,
and that which is crushed breaks out into a viper."
Isaiah 59:5 KIV

What was so surprising about this verse is that my dream was both about a poisonous snake and black widow spiders, so this Scripture matched it perfectly! Now it doesn't always happen that I get a Bible verse every time I pray for one to be applied to my dreams, but it's always good to start here, because when you do receive one, it's usually right on the money, and that builds confidence that you're on the right track.





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