Dream Kindergarten

Dream Interpretation is Hard Work

There is no getting around it: dream interpretation is hard work! It takes a lot of effort and lots of patience to get good at it, and you need to know that right up front. But that should not surprise any of us: both Scripture and life itself teach us that those who work hard and develop their skills in anything will generally gain success and recognition for their mastery of their chosen subject. Some Scriptural examples of the rewards that come from hard work are:

Investing the talents
Christ gave us the parable of the talents to encourage us to take risks. Matthew 25:14-30 Since dream interpretation is probably new territory for you, you might be afraid to take those risks, but the promise from Jesus in his parable is that EVERYONE who risked their talents received a reward. In the same way, if you spend time trying to understand your dreams, God WILL also reward you!

Our God who hides things
"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings." Proverbs 25:2 Part of God's creation of man was to give us curiosity, which can only be satisfied as we explore all the "treasures" God has hidden in our world. Just as scientists have reaped great discoveries that have blessed us all in the physical realm so God has hidden many wonderful truths in the spiritual realm of dreams, but like our scientists, we are going to have to do our research to uncover them.

Daniel was rewarded for his efforts
Daniel didn't just "know" how to understand dreams-. he spent a lot of time and mental energy working at it, as evident by these verses: Daniel 4:19, Daniel 7:1-28, & Daniel 8:15.

Dream interpretation requires hard work, but as Daniel discovered, the rewards are more than worth it!





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