Dream Kindergarten

God's Picture Language

Take another careful look through your Bible, and it will soon become quite evident that God's primary method of communicating to His people is through images and stories. Most of Scripture is a retelling of significant events in the lives of people, and as we read their stories symbolically, we learn valuable spiritual principles. In addition, the main method of communication by God's holy prophets was through dramatic enactments full of symbolism. Jesus also made storytelling his primary method of relaying truth as he spoke his parables, which are stories full of important symbols that must be correctly interpreted to be properly understood.

The evidence is abundantly clear that God's primary method of communicating truth to human beings is through symbolic stories. The good news is that as you develop your dream skills, your ability to understand and decipher your own personal symbolism will give you a strong crossover advantage in understanding and unraveling many of the symbolic references that are crammed into our Bibles.

Even though my own efforts to understand my dreams these past five years has not produced the full harvest of comprehension that I had hoped for, I have seen that my ability to interpret Biblical symbols has grown exponentially. This has produced the very sweet and desirable fruit of attaining to greater riches of Christ, as I have now developed the skill to see Jesus hidden in the lives of all the major Bible Characters (If you would like an example of what I mean, I have produced a little booklet called The Hidden Jesus, which I would be happy to give you. See the address at the back of this book to contact me).

In addition, when I have taught at my church, I have shared these insights with my class, and many have come up afterwards to thank me profusely for bringing forth fresh revelation from old and familiar verses. So let me encourage you that even though the process of dream interpretation may seem harder and take longer than you desire, you will be learning God's language of symbols, and that knowledge will provide you with fresh insights into God's beautiful and supernatural Word.





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