Dream Kindergarten

Special Dreams

When you begin your journey into the world of dreams, you first be overwhelmed with the huge number of visual messages you will begin to receive. After all, Dream Researchers tell us that the average person has about six dreams a night. So where to start? Well, I would suggest the next dream! Write it down, pray over it, compare it to your current circumstances, and see what happens. Remember, we can learn almost as much from our failures as we can from our successes.

The second thing to pay close attention to are dreams that are similar to those described in the Bible. If you have any dream that contains the following, then they worth your careful attention:

Angelic Visitations
Because angels are spirit beings, they are able to appear in your dreams. If you suspect such a dream, then pay attention to its message!

A Divine Voice Speaking
Some dreams in the Bible simply state that God spoke to the dreamer. If you have such a dream of hearing an authoritative voice, the message is probably quite important!

Repeated Themes
We have mentioned this earlier, but it is worth remembering that if you are experiencing a repeated theme, then you probably have an unresolved issue in your life that needs to be faced up to and dealt with.

Especially Vivid and Clear
Any dream that shines brighter, hotter and clearer than all the rest deserves a second look.

As Job chapter 33 tells us, God is perfectly willing to use fearful and terrifying dreams to get our attention.

Bible Verses
If you have a dream where a Bible verse is quoted, then it is probably important.





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