Dream Kindergarten

The Meaning of Strong Emotion

One of the curious things I have discovered is how intense emotions are inside a dream. Many times I have interpreted a dream either my own or someone else's, and yet once I received the interpretation, the thing that the dream seemed to think was so terribly frightening turned out in reality to be rather common and even mundane. For example, a friend of mine had a very frightening dream about standing on a small mountain beside a road, and she was frantically waving flags, trying to warn speeding cars that they were in great danger of a deadly flood, and that they needed to stop immediately and join her on the mountain.

This dream was quite scary, and yet when I got the meaning, it was describing the church doing things the status quo way. The dream was stating that the church needed to climb the "Mountain of Transfiguration” and see Jesus, and if they did not, then their services would be ruined with a "flood of difficulties." This person's dream was a real eye-opener for me, because it took me by surprise that such strong emotion, with its fearful sense of urgency, should apply to something as common and mundane as continuing to conduct our church services in the tried, true, traditional and also boring ways that we do.

As I meditated on this, I realized that as sin-damaged humans, we have become dulled to the terrible tragedy of our own depravities. But our pure, holy and sensitive God sees what we call "normal" for the alarming mess that it is. In addition, I also think God is revealing to us in dreams these disturbing and powerful emotions to heal us of our "hearts of stone” which have forgotten how to feel. Ezekiel 36:25





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