Dream Kindergarten

The Stages of Dream School

As suggested by the title of this booklet, we are only now in the very beginning stages of learning about the value of dreams. If I have somehow been able to inspire you to pursue your Dream Education further, let me suggest the possible stages that are necessary before you can proclaim yourself to be a "Dream Master:"

Dream Kindergarten
Reading this book places you in Dream Kindergarten. You have become curious about dreams, and are now gathering a little bit of information to see if it might be a subject worth pursuing further.

Dream Junior High
You decide that dreams are worth a further look, so you have begun to write some of them down. You probably won't have too much success understanding them, but at least you have prayed over them, asking God to provide the interpretation. At this stage, you probably won't get too many answers back from God, since it also takes time to learn how to quiet your spirit, wait upon God and discern what He is saying.

Dream High School
By now, you are serious about dreams and are committed to understanding them. You will be writing your dreams down regularly, meditating and praying over them and you will have experienced some success in interpreting them correctly. Your efforts will be paying off, and you will have developed a track record of accurate interpretation of dreams. You will be regularly reviewing your Dream Journal, finding common themes and responding correctly to them, and you will be reading a few books about dreams to gain a greater breadth of knowledge.





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