Dream Kindergarten

Dream College

Once you have gained some positive experience in dream interpretation, you will now be ready for Dream College. Here you will be like Daniel, able to understand "all kinds of dreams.” Daniel 1:17 You should be consistently decoding many of your dreams and taking action in response to them. At this level you are also helping others understand their dreams with good results. You will also probably be typing out your dreams so you can review them on a regular basis. At this high level, you will be quite proficient in understanding God's language of symbols, resulting in an effective crossover into opening up new depths of valuable meaning from Scripture, as well as being able to "read the signs” of our day. Matthew 16:3

Dream Graduate School
When you obtain to the level of Dream Graduate School, you should be skillful enough to train others in the rewarding field of Dream Research. Like Daniel, you should be operating at a supernatural level of interpretation, able to accurately, effectively and quickly decipher the dreams of others without the need to conduct a Dream Interview. At this stage you will probably receive public recognition and acknowledgment for your dream skills.

Dream Master
Daniel represents the pinnacle of dream mastery. At this high level no dream will be too hard for you. Daniel 5:12 You will be having angelic visitations Daniel 9:20-22 and you will receive and interact with Dream Guides. Daniel 7:13-23 God will be showing you dreams concerning the future of both yourself and other people, Daniel 10:14 and you will have a widely known public recognition for your dream abilities. Daniel 4:1-9





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