Dream Kindergarten

Recommended Books

If you really want to get serious about understanding and deciphering your dreams, then I strongly recommend you begin reading some very helpful books written by various Dream Professionals. The book I suggest you read First is:

Breakthrough Dreaming
by Dr. Gayle Delaney
C. 1991 A Bantam Book

The great strength of this book lies in all the examples of how to conduct a Dream Interview, offering step-by-step guidelines of how to slowly, carefully and meticulously take each dream piece and build a unified whole, while making practical connections to the dreamer's real life. These many examples provide a clear and broad path for the Novice Dreamer to follow, and should yield great rewards as you pattern your own dream interviews after her techniques.

Dr. Gayle Delaney has enjoyed years of professional experience as a Dream Counselor, which allows for her teachings to be built on a solid foundation of many past successes. If you follow her advice, you will have good results in interpreting your dreams. The second strength of her book is her Bibliography, which lists over sixty-four other books on dreams. This is a rich resource of material that taps into the research of past and present Dream Researchers, and will be of great value to those of you interested in a greater depth of study from the findings of a variety of Dream Scientists and Dream Scholars. The weakness of Gayle's book is that it is based in Psychology rather than Theology, so you will find very little references to the Bible. I personally found this to be but a minor issue, since her techniques have proven themselves to be quite sound.





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