Dream Kindergarten

Recommended Books

If you want a Dream Book that has a solid Bible base, then I recommend this one:

Exploring the World of Dreams
by Benny Thomas
c. 1990 Whitaker House Publishing

This book proved very helpful to me, in that it contains many verses of scripture that give confidence that dreams are the rightful providence of Christians. In fact, he makes a very strong point that the Occult has preempted the world of dreams, causing many Christians to look upon dreams as being a dangerous realm of demonic trickery. Benny makes a strong case that it is high time for God's people to take back the rightful realm of dreams that Satan has robbed from us.

I also liked this book because it was full of caution. Benny continuously reminds us Dream Novices to go slow, to be careful, and to get plenty of confirmation and supporting evidence before making a decision on the basis of a dream. This is a very good book for beginners for this very reason, because it trains you to keep a firm grip on reason, logic and reality while walking out on the soft and spongy clouds of symbolic dreams.

Benny also demonstrates that to become a Dream Expert requires practice, patience and skill, and gives steps of progress to help you through the transition from Dream Kindergarten to Dream Master. In addition, Benny embraces the Dream Interview technique developed by Dr. Gayle Delaney, which should give Christians some confidence in following her model.

If you want a good solid Bible base for exploring dreams, then this book is a great place to start.





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