Dream Kindergarten

Recommended Books

If you are troubled by the fact that the realm of dreams seems to be occupied by New Agers, Psychologists and Occultists more than by Christians, then I recommend you read ties book:

Your Dreams: God's Neglected Gift
by Herman Riffel
c. 1971 Chosen Books Publishing Company, ltd Lincoln, Virginia 22078

As is often the case with the new things of God, Satan is usually allowed by the Lord to "get their first." A very good example of this principle was when Israel left Egypt to go to their rich and beautiful Promised Land, but to their astonished surprise, the Evil One had gotten their first! In fact, Satan had even been able to get impenetrable strongholds built and populate the land with powerful warrior men who were towering giants, long before Israel appeared. Numbers 13:1-33

And so it is in the world of dreams: the Occult has gotten here first, while the church is still lagging far behind in exploring and claiming the beautiful Promised Land of dreams that rightfully belongs to every Christian. That is why you will find many books on dreams by Psychologists, Researchers and New Agers and only a few by Christians.

One pioneering Christian who has acted like a "spy" for us in exploring the Occult-dominated realm of dreams is Herrman Riffel and the benefit of his book is the wisdom he gained as he struggled as a "Daniel in Babylon," a Christian trying to reclaim the divine inheritance of dreams while attending the only dream school available at that time, the secular Jung Institute in Switzerland.

The insights Herman gained as he wrestled with the issues of Occult contamination of the world of dreams should prove helpful to those fearful Christians who are afraid of claiming their own dream inheritance because they see "giants in the land."





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