Dream Kindergarten

Recommended Books

I just received a book in the mail that appears to be quite good:

Our Dreaming Mind
by Robert L. Van de Castle, Ph.D.
c. 1994 Ballantine Books

Although I haven't had a chance to read it, I have looked through the chapters, and it provides a very good history of dreams and their positive effects throughout the ages. The book is divided into six parts:

Part One
Here you will find evidence of the role of dreams in art, music, drama, literature, films, architecture, politics, military conquest, athletic performance, scientific discovery, and religion.

Part Two
A historical look at how our ancestors of ancient cultures related to their dreams.

Part Three
An explanation of the main features of twentieth-century dream theories.

Part Four
Lessons, studies and research from the scientific study of dreams in a laboratory setting.

Part Five
Making sense of the dream data gathered by Dream Scientists, looking for patterns related to age, gender, culture, etc.

Part Six
The new frontiers of dreams, including prophetic, predictive and paranormal dreaming.





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