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The Saddam Hussein Dream

My wife had a dream on September 10, 1990 that we were in Iraq, and I was Saddam Hussein. She was hiding from me, because I had become treacherous towards her, and she felt I was trying to kill her. My daughter was helping her to hide. At one point, she was crouching behind a large pile of Kleenex boxes. Finally, she couldn't stand the strain of hiding any longer, so she came out and revealed herself to me, not sure whether she was going to live or die.

When my wife told me this, it was NOT good news. It doesn't take too much of a genius to conclude that my wife's opinion of me as expressed in the dream was pretty poor: that she felt I was someone who was threatening, intimidating, and downright dangerous. No matter what I might think about myself, my wife was obviously revealing a different reality from her perspective, and if I wanted my marriage to improve rather than deteriorate, then like Pilate, I was going to have to listen to my wife’s dreadful dream. Matthew 27:19

I swallowed the hard pill of this painful revelation about my defective interactions with my wife, confessed to God my sin of anger, irritation and sarcasm, and made it a priority to speak to my wife with calm, loving tones. As a result of my positive response to this dream warning, our marriage improved rather than deteriorated.

As you can see by this example, the dream is fairly short, and yet still contained important meaning. As with most dreams, it contained bad news. Also, I was able to gain value from it even though I never did explore the meaning of why my daughter was in the dream or the significance of hiding behind a large pile of Kleenex. I compared the dream to our current situation, and made the painful connection that I needed to change my attitude towards my wife. It should be noted that in most cases, people in dreams are symbolic, but in this case, my wife, myself and my daughter represents our real selves. This was pretty obvious though, since comparing the dream to our reality gave us that "Aha! Moment" that said the interpretation was true.





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