Here are some of the things in our diet that cause Prurigo Nodularis to get better or worse.

The suggestions listed here come from the wonderful message board at this link:   
Prurigo Nodularis Support







No seafood, No starchy food, No fruit, No Fruit Juice --My PN is improving after I quit eating my beloved fruit, juice, and starchy vegetables.



Avoid drinking alcohol --made his PN worse.



Avoid drinking alcohol --I think scratching becomes more intense after drinking



Take lots of vitamin supplements, drink lots of water, reduce wheat and sugar intake.



AVOID sugar, potato chips, spicy foods, SODAS, junk food, fast foods, chocolates, overly sweet salad dressings. I used to go nuts after eating "healthy cereals" because of the milk and the oats and wheat. Pay attention to how the skin and body reacts after eating certain foods.



Drink lots of hot green tea and lots of filtered water-to flush the kidneys of toxins, and for an all around healthy system.



A few tablespoonfuls of PLAIN non-flavored yoghurt with ACTIVE CULTURES in it (acidophilus and bifidus)



Drink lots of water.



Drink more green tea and water.


Pat Lamb

I have always believed that my itching was worse after eating processed carbohydrate foods. That is white breads, cereals, biscuits, cakes etc.



Eliminate Junk Food  --Change your diet to minimize or completely cut out sodas, sugar, junk foods, processed foods, salty foods, spicy foods, fruit, grainy-wheat foods (like health cereals and breads), tart things like orange juice and fruit drinks. This is temporary! Eventually you will be able to slowly enjoy these things again when you notice it doesn't create a reaction in you anymore. But eat them again in moderation!



Drink lots of water and add lemon and lime  --Drink water. Then drink some more. Then drink a lot more after that. Add lemon to your water to alkalize it/ re-adjust your PH Balance (also known as reversing acidity). Add lemon and lime to as many things as you can eat or drink.



Eat healthy foods  --like raw spinach, make juices with carrots/celery/red beets/Romaine lettuce leaves



Sun Chlorella -- I believe this is the biggest heaven-send since I noticed digestion improvement from the first day or two of taking this. It's also a balancer of all-things bad in the body. It's the purest form of food, and it's the highest concentration of everything good for the body.



Jamieson Echinacea and Goldenseal Tincture Extract --to boost my immune system.



The Atkins Diet  --eating less sugar and bread.



Alkalizing foods and drink  --Instead of just treating symptoms with pills and ointments, I chose a more permanent solution by using probiotics, prebiotics, digestive and systemic enzymes, drinking alkalized water and eating alkalized foods, to alkalize my body. You can read more details on my site.



Red Apple Cider Vinegar -- I recently discovered that if I take 3-4 tablespoons red apple cider vinegar diluted in water, the itching stops for hours!



Drinking plenty of water per day always helps.



Avoid Acidic Foods -- One of my best things in the past is to avoid foods with too much acid.



Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Water, Vitamins  --I thought I would let you know what improvements I have experienced this year. The first of January I started on a diet that was supposed to pinpoint foods that I could be allergic to. It consisted mainly of fruit, vegetables, meat and water. I stuck to it pretty much for the first 2 weeks and continued taking large doses of vitamin c and a multi-vitamin, and a couple of other vitamins. Since then I have fallen off the diet at least once a day and sometimes binge on things like chocolate and alcohol for 2 or 3 days. Even so, my legs are totally clear except for old dry scars, but they are faded and I don't think anyone would notice. I never have the night itches anymore. The rest of my body is completely PN free except for 1 inner arm.



Avoid junk food, rum and diet coke --The only symptom I have these days is when I don't take the vitamins and I overload on processed junk food (and rum & diet coke), then my arm starts to itch.



Stop eating wheat, sugar, chocolate and dairy  --I know it's hard to make the lifestyle changes, but that's what really turned my PN around. The treatments I got in Mexico were important, but I think that Dr. Castillo's directions to change my diet really made the difference. I was completely off wheat, sugar, chocolate, dairy for 8 months. Now I take small amounts of those but not much.



Diet Changes --I've been out of being in a band for almost 2 years now and my skin is the clearest it's been in about 7 years. I still get small flare-ups, but the difference is amazing. Although I still like to drink now and again in the clubs, I do drink lots of water, "detox" with African Red Tea a few hours before bed, and try to limit my intake of spicy foods, any foods that irritate my gut (like oatmeal or oats or lots of sugar, or anything that causes gastrointestinal distress), and I TRY to get good sleep. 


Optimal Thinking

No inflammatory foods  --For long term itch relief, eliminate allergic foods and inflammatory foods. Common allergic foods include, but not limited to the following: sugar, corn, wheat, oat, egg, cow's milk, chocolate, soy, citrus fruits, and peanuts. Sugar, corn, and eggs are almost ubiquitous in processed foods, so I avoid processed foods as much as possible. Other additional allergic foods may vary with different people. The most common inflammatory foods include but not limited to the following: All processed foods, sugar, wheat, soda, deep fried foods, alcohol, and dairy.  



Healthier Diet  --The things that seem to help me most have been lifestyle changes. But if I revert to my old ways, it seems to aggravate the pn. Seems like if I overdo the coffee, sugar or white wine it flares. I have a really good diet in general though, and perhaps that has helped keep it from spreading.  



Avoiding Certain Foods + Water  --I have found that avoiding certain foods/drinks or at least not overdoing them helps me as well. In addition, drinking water seems to be key for me. It all seems to (to me) go along with the immune system theory and keeping our liver flushed of toxins.   



NBUVB + Diet  --Personally I remain about 90% "cured" meaning right now I have about 8 open spots on my legs/feet but very little itching. My life is pretty normal. From thighs up, skin is good only with some scars. My regimen is a diet similar to OT's, as well as UVB light treatments.   



Strict Diet + Supplements  --The only thing I can attest it to is the STRICT diet for almost a year and maintained diet since then, and the supplements I take for good digestion and overall internal healing.  



No Eating  --This past week, Mon. - Fri., I had NO time to eat anything until I got home at 7 or 8 pm. The result? NO ITCHING, or ANY feeling that I had PN. It didn't go away, but the sores shrunk, and I was so comfortable for the first time in years.

Now, I know not eating is NOT good advice, but I am simply relaying an unexpected outcome for whatever it may mean. NO FOOD -NO PN ANNOYANCE -and yes, once I got home and ate -whatever - I started to itch. A part of me wondered if we could 'starve' the nodules do death with a massive fast!   



Logging Your Diet + No Sugar  --I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) I have been doing some research on the diet portion for Living with Arthritis. The crossovers that occur between RA and PN are quite astounding, so many of the things mentioned here occur and are prescribed for RA. Diet is an extremely important part of living with Arthritis. One of the things they talk about is creating a Log. Chart all the foods & liquids you consume during a regular day, rate your PN reaction accordingly. Slowly you should be able to eliminate the things that appear to make you react.

Unfortunately we still have the stress factor, and I believe stress changes our Metabolism and our bodies tolerance for certain things. Maybe Yoga or TM would help.

Some huge problems for RA sufferers are Dairy Products, Corn products and Red Meats.

Give it a try, see if you come up with some factors.
I rarely eat, (Too busy, can't be bothered) but I do notice any time I introduce Sugar (Coffee or Pop) into my system I usually get a reaction.



No Red Wine  --After four plus years my big old PNs are very well-established (and I haven't got any NEW big lumps, btw, in about two years actually, the old ones seem to do whatever it is PN does for the body) they are still there, and I've noticed that if I have a red wine binge over a weekend they will get inflamed and a bit itchy the next day...which is why I understand that its critical to break the itch/scratch habit when you can...we all know that once a PN is left alone and goes away, it doesn't come back.  



No Flour or Gluten  --I have known for awhile that flour is no longer good for my system. I stopped consuming flour and other foods containing gluten and I got better. I then did something foolish and started consuming flour again and the PN flared up again, not to mention the weight gain. 



No dairy, No eggs, Little processed foods, Lots of water  --I also changed my diet: no dairy and eggs (yes, no pizza and milk chocolate) and as little of processed foods as possible along with plenty of water.



Coconut Oil  --Coconut oil is great. Buy it nonhydrogenated, virgin in a glass jar at the health food store. It is a solid at 76 degrees and liquid when injested. It is a beneficial saturated fat that is actually great for metabolism and since it is comprised of 50% lauric acid converted to monolaurin in the body, it destroys the protective coats of bacteria and virus. Search Mary Enig Ph.d for more info. This is better than any antibiotic. I am up to 6 tablespoons per day.


Optimal Thinking

No Diary  --Yes, stop dairy, period.  OT 



No Alcohol  --I still like to be sociable and have a drink or two...mainly beer..........but afterwards the itch while I'm sleeping is unbelievable....last night was a really bad night...scratched open all pores on legs.....worst thing is....halfway thru I know I am doing it but just cant stop.  


Optimal Thinking

No Gluten  --Avoiding the gluten food groups, and the high glycemic index foods have certainly helped my PN, as it has also helped others who have followed the same recommendations. This type of diet is generally recommended for diabetics, but even a non-diabetic like me can benefit by using it.



No Donuts or Strawberry Shakes  --If I do something stupid like eat donuts 2 days in a row, it will make the PN flare up redder and itchier. If I eat something that doesn't agree with me, it will do the same. Usually this includes lots of sugar, wheat things like oats or cereals, fruit (I made a strawberry shake last weekend and boy did I get hives and my PN got red and bigger within an hour).



Food Allergy Test  --I did a food sensitivity test administered by ALCAT ( refer their website Their focus was weight gain due to eating foods you maybe sensitive to. However igot a comprehensive list of foods i am sensitive to in different degrees plus a rotation diet on the foods i can eat. Has helped tremendously if i keep to it rigidly, iam about 50-60 percent better since. Have flareups linked to hormone fluctuations (pre-menopausal) but this test helped to identify the food culprits.



Eat Lots of Salads & Avoid Certain Foods  --Everything we do daily is learned behavior. As far as PN goes, what I did was I just ate salads every day, big ole huge yummy salads. Drank lots of water with lime squirted in. I put turkey on the the salads and more lime juice. I loaded them up with tasty things like croutons, cheese, cottage cheese, nuts, etc. I'd be stuffed when I was done. I would eat this every single day for a couple months or more. Slowly I was able to reintroduce other foods back including dressings and everything. What I tried to stay away from were the things I KNEW would make my PN furious--- things like tomato sauce, Tabasco sauce, vinegar things.. all these things have in common acidity which I find interesting.



Apple, Lemon or Lime Juice --Don't use Grapefruit juice, which is too acidic and may inhibit other enzyme activity. Substitute apple juice, lemon or lime juice, which would be the healing juices.



Vitamin C & Healthy Diet  --I know that Iím not completely cured because every 6 or 8 weeks Iíll get a reminder. That scares me so much I immediately straighten up Ė with vitamin C and a healthy diet.



Reduced Calories, No Sugar, No Soda  --I was put on a 1600 calorie diet and have noticed a difference in my skin, just reducing or omitting certain foods that I LOVED to eat on a daily basis. No pop or a lot of sugar has really improved my energy level and also I think, helped clear up some of my sores, they do not itch as much, bleed as much and do not get as big.